Victoria Adame is a Photographer and Law Graduate (Spain and Italy) and is currently working actively on the creation of new photographic projects which take human nature and emotions as their starting point.


In 2015, she was a finalist in the Madrid 24 contest, run by PhotoEspaña, and her photographs were displayed at the Palacio de Cibeles and also projected on screens at Callao, Madrid. That same year, she reached the final of the Lens Culture Exposure Awards (London, UK). The following year, she was selected for PhotoEspaña Discoveries (International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts), and also won a grant from the Botí Foundation as part of its support program for creation and improvement in the field of plastic arts, as well as participating in the 7th Biennial Festival of the Botí Foundation, in Cordoba, Spain.


She recently won first prize at Apertura (Malaga, Spain), with a single photo from her series "CIRCO", a documentary project which she has been working on for over two years. She has also been selected for PhotoEspaña Discoveries 2017 (Madrid) and for the Free Portfolio Reviews of the 7th International Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Festival of Valencia (PhotoOn), both for the same project.


This project was also presented at the Photography Festival in Arles (France) and some of the photographs from the series will be displayed at Art Fair, the 1st International Fair of Contemporary Art in Malaga, Spain. This year she has also received an Honorable Mention from the International Photography Awards (IPA. Los Angeles, USA) for her photographic work on climate change.


2017 also saw her win an ‘Art House Holland’ Grant for "Miopia", a project of hers which was awarded a prize this year by the Botí Foundation.




/2018/ Individual Exhibition in The Gala Foundation.


/2017/ Art House Holland GRANT awarded by PAC. (Contemporary Art Centre). Artistic residence in Holland.


/2017/ Grant to support creation and improvement in the field of plastic arts. Botí Foundation, Cordoba, Spain. "Myopia".


/2017/ Acquisition of a limited series work for the Botí Foundation private collection.


/2017/ FIRST PRIZE at APERTURA, MALAGA. Individual photography award for the "CIRCO" series. Studies in documentary and contemporary photography.


/2017/ HONORABLE MENTION at the IPA (International Photography Awards). Climate Change Competition. Los Angeles, USA.


/2017/ SELECTED for Free Portfolio Reviews at the 7th International Festival of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. PhotoON. Valencia. "CIRCUS".


/2017/ SELECTED for PHOTOESPAÑA DISCOVERIES 2017. "CIRCUS". International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts.Madrid.


/2017/ Exhibition. Art Fair Málaga. 1st International Contemporary Art Fair.


/2016/ SELECTED for 8TH BIENNIAL PLASTIC ARTS FESTIVAL. Fundación Botí Center exhibition .Cordoba, Spain. "Hotel".


/2016/ Support grant for creation and improvement in the field of plastic arts. Botí Foundation, Cordoba, Spain.


/2016/ Selected for PhotoEspaña DISCOVERIES 2016. International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts.Madrid.


/2015/ Editors’ Choice. LensCulture Exposure Awards. Somerset House, London, UK. "Hotel"


/2015/ Editors’ Choice. Visual Storytelling Awards Lens Culture, London, UK. "Portrait of an Unknown Man".


/2015/ FINALIST. MADRID 24. PhotoEspaña 2015. International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts.Madrid.


/2015/ PhotoEspaña group exhibition. Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid.


/2015/ Projection of photographs at Callao, Madrid.


/2012-15/ Art Photography. Blow Up School and Photographic Culture.


/2001-06/ Degree in LAW at the University of Cordoba, Spain.

Other studies: - Copyright and Intellectual Property. University of Trieste, Italy.

Cultural Management.I | ART. Higher Institute of Art. Madrid. Foreign Trade (ICEX).





 /2018/ Obtención BECA BILBAO ARTE-FUNFACIÓN VIANA  (Ganadora Séptima edición)


    /2018/ Exposición colectiva representada por Apertura Lab en Art & Breakfast celebrada en       Hotel Room Mate Larios de Málaga. Obra seleccionada por el proyecto “Sweet Dreams”             comisariada por Artperissinotto en el Auditorio del Museo Thyssen de Málaga dentro del         contexto de Art & Breakfast.


    /2018/ Descubrimientos Photoespaña. Serie “Miopía”. Madrid.


    /2018/ Exposición individual en Fundación Gala.


 /2017/ BECA Art House Holland by PAC.

 (Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo). Residencia artística. Holanda.


 /2017/ Beca Apoyo a la creación y perfeccionamiento en el ámbito  artes plásticas.

 Fundación Botí.Córdoba,España. “Miopía”.


 /2017/ Adquisición obra serie limitada para la colección privada de

 la Fundación Botí.



 Fotografía Individual.Serie “CIRCO”. Málaga.

 Estudios sobre fotografía documental y Contemporánea.


 /2017/ MENCIÓN HONORÍFICA. International Photography Awards. IPA.

 Climate Change Competition. Los Ángeles, USA.


 /2017/ SELECCIONADA Visionados 7º Festival Internacional de Fotoperiodismo y

   Fotografía documental. PhotoON. Valencia. “CIRCO”.



  Festival internacional de Fotografía y Artes Visuales.Madrid.


 /2017/ Exposición. Art Fair Málaga. I Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo.



 Exposición centro de Arte Boti 2017.Córdoba, España.”Hotel”.


 /2016/ Beca Apoyo a la creación y perfeccionamiento en el ámbito  artes plásticas.

 Fundación Botí.Córdoba,España. “Resurgir”.


 /2016/ Seleccionada DESCUBRIMIENTOS PhotoEspaña 2016.

 Festival internacional de Fotografía y Artes Visuales.Madrid.


 /2015/ Selección editores. LensCulture Exposure Awards.

 Somerset House,London,UK. "Hotel"


 /2015/ Selección editores. Visual Storytelling Awards

 Lens Culture. ”Portrait of an unknown man”. London, UK.


 /2015/ FINALISTA.MADRID 24.PhotoEspaña 2015.

 Festival internacional de Fotografía y Artes Visuales.Madrid.


 /2015/ Exposición colectiva PhotoEspaña. Palacio de Cibeles,Madrid.


 /2015/ Proyección fotográfica Callao,Madrid.


 /2012-15/ Fotografía Artística.

  Blow Up Escuela y Cultura Fotográfica.


 /2001-06/ Licenciatura en DERECHO por la Universidad de Córdoba,España.

  Derechos de Autor y Propiedad Intelectual.Universidad de Trieste,Italia.

  Gestión Cultural.I|ART. Instituto Superior de Arte.Madrid.

  Comercio Exterior (ICEX).


















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